Intensive course

Vi er expert på intensivkurs og vanlig opplæring på kl. b, automatgir

Intensive course

Intensive course are suitable for those who have a basic traffic course and experience from driving.

In order to find out what experience and competence you have, we must first have a survey session. Based on the mapping session, we create a plan that suits you. The advantages of such a course are that you get a plan and stick to it. This makes it easy to plan in relation to school, work and free time. In addition, it is good to know that you will finish the training in the near future or on a fixed date.

The mapping lesson lasts 90 minutes including introduction and summary. It works so that you drive a lap that I have planned, so that I can see what you can do. Along the way, I will also guide and advise you on things that you can possibly do in a different way, or better.

You will also receive written feedback on what you can practice further. From what I can see, we make a plan in consultation with Mona in the office. If you have already taken the theory, we can order a examen and make a plan so that you will be finished by then. This means that before you leave us you can have a complete plan, with a final examen date!

We can make plans where you will be finished within a week. Or plans that last several weeks. It depends on your wishes, expertise and our capacity. But we go to great lengths to accommodate your wishes.

The mapping lesson comes outside of this scheme. Then it also depends on when there is an available safety course on the practice track and ramp.

Then sign up for a mapping class.

The price is from NOK 20575 - The price applies to everything mandetory, including a mapping lesson of 90 minutes. In addition, there is a fee to the Naf training track and the Norwegian Road Administration, access and possibly driving hours.

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